Home Sweet Home


Hello! I’m finally up and running in my new home studio! Without going into too many boring details, I unexpectedly had to move out of my beautiful dream studio last month, and made the decision to move my studio back into my home.

Unfortunately, this means I’ll no longer be offering workshops. But at this particular point in time this is the set-up that works best for me and my family. I’ll admit, leaving my studio felt like a loss, but now that we’ve rearranged three (!!!) rooms in my home so that I could set up somewhere other than the dark basement, I’ve made a space that feels right and I’m quite content to be holed up here in my little home.

This week I’m working on a few orders, four OOAK rings in amethyst sage and moss agate, and then I’ll be dedicating some time to finally getting a couple of leather pieces in the shop!

Finally, with all the craziness that is summer around here, I never got a chance to research and update my social justice cause for the months of July and August. So I’ll be donating the portion of proceeds from the entire summer (instead of just June) to the Transgender Law Center.

Thanks for hanging in there with me through ten years of growth and change. I am forever grateful for your support.


Julie MorrisComment