Well, it happened again...

I spend a lot of time in my personal life, especially these days, feeling angry about the state of the country and disappointed in what turns out to be a fairly large portion of my fellow humans. However, I try to use my work as a positive force in my life. My studio time is time for me to meditate with metal and fire. It’s a time to create beautiful things out of cold, hard materials. To forget about everything else. For the most part, that works out pretty well. But once in a while my anger seeps into my work. And I have no problem with that.

Last week I was in the middle of working on several pieces that I’d wanted to finish for an end-of-the-week shop update, but then this piece popped into my head and I had to put everything else aside to birth it.

I don’t think anyone needs me to spell out what inspired this piece.

Sometimes I just don’t have anything nice to say.


Available in the shop now.

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Holiday Order Deadlines

Just a quick post to say that there's still time to order gifts for Christmas delivery (within the US), but only a little! Made to Order items must be purchased by this Friday, December 15th and Ready to Ship items by Monday the 18th. Double check the listing description to verify which type of item it is and what its respective order-by date is. 

Happy Holidays my friends! xo

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The Love Lantern Secret Message Necklace

I really love this little necklace. Both the look and the idea. It's designed so you can write a little note to your loved one (a great gift for a sister, daughter, best friend or of course a girlfriend or wife - and hey, some men could pull it off too!), roll it up, and tuck it inside. Once in, the note unfurls and becomes a permanent part of the jewelry. I've been wanting to make a locket for some time now and when I sat down to actually design one I decided I wanted to do something a little different. I'll still work on a more traditional locket at some point, but I'm really happy with how this came out. Only you'll know there's a secret inside! 

Available in the shop now. 

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